A comparison of the average cost of education and income levels of different sections of the population shows that many Indians will be unable to pay for higher education without subsidies to help them. In India education is free till secondary level. Not surprisingly, the highest percentage of students drop out is that stage indicating economic constraints prevent the pursuit of higher education. many bright studies want to go to a better school where they can get a good education; Even parents want the same but fees in such schools are really heavy and parents cannot afford.

Caresoft Foundations helps fulfilling this gap by providing financial help in the form of educational fees, thus fuelling the minds of the drivers of the future. The foundation aids to provide fees for children studying in Class 5th to Class 12th and even those who wish to study further.

Our little effort may give wings to many!!

Together we can empower young minds. Education is the best of the charities one can provide for society and for a brighter future generation.