About Us

Caresoft Foundation is a decade-old organization that has moderately worked for the upliftment and support of girl child education. We are now all fuelled up for making our presence felt and impact lives in a much more meaningful and humble manner through a variety of efforts, our focus areas bring Health. Education & Skill Development.

It is true when we state that ‘Healthcare is a necessity for all’, but it is also a bitter truth that for some not-so-privileged patients Healthcare is a Luxury. We are honored to be able to facilitate life-saving healthcare procedures by offering a helping hand through financial assistance.

We believe that together we can influence and uplift the weaker section by empowering thousands of young minds through skill development and education. A better future is everyone’s right and progress is the result of consistency and opportunities. However, the underprivileged are often neglected of the opportunities for betterment due to the lack of awareness and the necessary skills. We are here to bridge the gap between a brighter future and opportunities by consistently working towards skill development and also providing opportunities to the underprivileged which shall eventually become dignified financial support to them. We aim to create a society where everyone is entitled to and is competent of equal opportunities for a career.

We, Caresoft Foundation engages in activities to provide empowerment to the neediest people of our society and thusly contributing to the broader approach towards social revolution.


To work towards the creation of a nation where everyone gets the healthcare they need, no child remains without education and youth without a job


  1. To save the lives of children who are waiting for the angels to come into their lives
  2. To give wings to children who dream of studying in better schools and deserve to live better lives
  3. To enable the youth to adequately take care of themselves & family and become a responsible Indian